The Waiter’s Revenge

loading-screenUnderstand, this App is for the service industry ONLY! All others are better off spending their money somewhere else! If you don’t know what “in the weeds” means, if you’ve never been asked “what’s your REAL job?” or if a waiter has ever offered you the “super salad,” then keep on moving… nothing for you here!

BUT, if you read the 3 prior statements and knew exactly what we were talking about, then you, my friend, have found the ultimate, industry stress release App!


Meet Dick.

Or should we say, “Officially meet Dick?” Cause it’s almost a guarantee that you’ve met him, or someone like him, EVERY shift you’ve worked.

It doesn’t matter if you host, bus, serve or bar tend… At some point in your day, you’ve had a run in with Dick. Of course, you were as pleasant as can be, but oohhh, man, if you could just unload on this guest!

Well, here is your chance!

weapons-1-2-copyThe greatest menu you’ve ever seen!

Oh, have we created a “special” menu for you. Without giving away all the fun… Ever wanted to throw a lemon wedge at that guest who asked for “extra lemon with my hot water?” What about that @$$ who keeps yelling over at you, calling you “Boss” and asking for a bottle of beer? You ever feel like smashing him with that bottle? Guess what? Now you can do all that – and soooo much more!


Service Industry ONLY!

This app was strictly created for the service industry! If you serve tables, tend bar, seat guests, bus tables, flip burgers, pour coffee: you qualify! We’ve strategically priced this app at $1.99 for the simple reason of keeping OUT those who wouldn’t understand.

We know you’ll love and appreciate this app, and if you simply sell 2 drinks, we are certain you will be tipped enough to cover the small purchase price. The fun and laughter you get from using our app will be SOOO worth it – we promise!