Attention Service Industry personnel...

This is a Social Network for those in the Service Industry. Whether Front of House or Back of House we all have something to say that others won't understand.

Everybody's gotta eat right?

Help Hobo Joe get to the soup kitchen before it closes. Race through the hills of San Francisco in any cart you can find!

Let's Work Together

We work with programmers and creatives to create awesome games , apps and more. Contact us to see how you can put us to work!

a salted nut studio Inc. is an indie development company based out of Toronto, Canada that creates funny, relatable games for the iOS system. 

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Our Focus

At a salted nut studio, we have one main focus which is to help you "productively waste time." Yes, it sounds backwards, but believe us, it’s a legit concept!

Apps to Unwind With

Student. Teacher. Boss. Employee. Super Mom or Beach Bum, we all need a way to recharge. At a salted nut studio, helping you with that is our specialty! See our latest apps.

We've Got Ideas.

Are you a programmer needing creative help to get your project up and running? Contact us to speak with our creative team. It could make for an awesome fun time!

Check Out Our Apps

Click the thumbnail to read about each of our apps, find out where and how to download them and access lots of cool free content.

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